Referrals to Pediatric Specialists

Hilliard Pediatrics, Inc. - Dr. Tim Teller, MD


  • Family Allergy and Asthma (formerly Midwest Allergy). Drs. Grace Ryu, MD, Phil Rancetelli, MD, and others.
  • Ohio ENT & Allergy. Dr. Roger Friedman, MD
    • 477 Cooper Road, Suite 480. Westerville, Ohio 43081 (ph) 614-891-0550
    • 6670 Perimeter Drive, Suite 270. Dublin, Ohio 43016. (ph) 614-766-4903


Ear, Nose, and Throat (Otorhinolaryngology

  • Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians. Drs. Mike Martyn, MD, Darryl Willet, MD, Blaize O’Brien, MD, Jeff Hall, MD, David Powell, MD,  Jeff Hiltbrand, MD, Akash Gupta, MD, Evan Tobin, MD, and others.
    • 974 Bethel Road, Suite A. Columbus, Ohio 43214 (ph) 614-538-2424
    • 6670 Perimeter Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016 (ph) 614-889-8010
    • Other locations available, please see their website.
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital ENT Department. Drs. Elmaraghy, Wiet, Merz-Lin, Jatana, Grishkan, Malholtra, and Rada. (ph) 614-722-6200.
  • OSU Otolaryngology. Drs. Arick Forrest, MD, Eugene Chio, MD, Brad DeSilva, MD and Edward Dodson, MD.

Ophthalmology and Optometry

  • Pediatric Ophthalmology Associates. Drs. McGregor, Rogers, Brehmer, Cassady, Foster, and Golden. (ph) 614-224-6222.
    • Dublin Nationwide Children's Medical Office Building. 5665 Venture Dr. Dublin, Ohio 43017
    • Columbus Nationwide Children's Hospital. 555 S. 18th St., Suite 4C. Columbus, Ohio 43205. 
  • Complete EyeCare West. Dr. Jeffrey Hutchison, DO.
  • Columbus Ophthalmology Associates. Dr. Michael Bloom, MD.
  • Mill Run Vision Center. Dr. Michael Schecter, OD.

Pediatric and Family Dentists

  • Dr. Josephine (“JoJo”) Montero Strickler, DDS.
  • Haring Pediatric Dental. Dr. Robert Haring, DDS.
  • Timothy E. Moats, DDS & Associates. Dr. Tim Moats, DDS.
  • Dr. Tom Rankin, DDS.


  • Nationwide Children's Hospital. Drs. Bowden, Chaudhari, Dyer, Hardin, Henwood, and Hoffman.
  • Central Ohio Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Services (COPEDS). Drs. Bill Zipf, MD and Rolando Lozano, MD.
    • 55 Dillmont Dr., Suite 100. Columbus, Ohio 43235. (ph) 614-839-3040.


  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Center. All locations (ph) 614-722-6200.
    • 479 Parsons Avenue. Columbus, Ohio 43215
    • Westerville Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. 584 County Line Road. Westerville, Ohio 43082
    • Dublin Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. 5680 Venture Drive. Dublin, Ohio 43017
  • Orthopedic ONE.

Sports Medicine

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine.
    • Dublin Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. 5675 Venture Drive. Dublin, Ohio 43017.
    • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. 584 County Line Road West. Westerville, Ohio 43082.
    • All locations: (ph) 614-722-6200.

Plastic Surgery

  • Nationwide Children's Hospital. Drs. Greg Pearson, MD, Maya Spaeth, MD, and Richard Kirschner, MD
    • 700 Children’s Drive. Columbus, Ohio 43205. (ph) 614-293-8566.
    • For the Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Clinic: (ph) 614-722-5800. 

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Surgery

Speech and Hearing

  • Columbus Speech & Hearing Center.
  • Speech Disorder Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Hearing Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
    • Outpatient Care Center. 555 S. 18th St, Suite 2A. Columbus, Ohio 43205.
    • Also at Dublin Close To Home Center. 5675 Venture Drive. Dublin, Ohio 43017. (ph) 614-722-6200.
  • Audiologists at Ohio ENT Surgeons, Inc.
  • The Ohio State University Speech Language Hearing Clinic.
  • Allied Therapy Associates.
    • 4353 Tuller Road, Suite D. Dublin, Ohio 43017. (ph) 614-764-7900.


  • Nationwide Children's Hospital. Carol Williams, RD, LD. Clinical Dietician and Nutrition.
    • 700 Childrens Drive. Columbus, Ohio 43205. (ph) 614-722-5740.


  • Elite Foot and Ankle. Dr. Trevor Davy, DPM.
  • Step Lively Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Lee Hlad, DPM.
    • 1045 Beecher Crossing N., Suite A. Gahanna, Ohio 43230. (ph) 614-478-2111.
    • 5920 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43231. (ph) 614-891-9994.
  • Hilliard Family Podiatry. Drs. Jennifer Trinidad, DPM and Adam Thomas, DPM. 
  • Columbus Podiatry. Dr. Alan Block, DPM.
    • 5100 Bradenton Ave., Suite A. Dublin, Ohio 43017. (ph) 614-859.3338.

Gynecology for Pediatrics and Adolescents

  • Northwest Obstetrics & Gynecology. Drs. Karen King, MD, Alyson Leeman, MD, Jaina Lindauer, MD, Vicki Miller, MD, and Patricia Teach, MD.
  • Center for Young Women's Health. Nationwide Children's Hospital. Drs. Geri Hewitt, MD and Cindy Holland-Hall, MD. 
    • 5665 Venture Drive. Dublin, Ohio 43017 (ph) 614-722-2468 
    • Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 899 E. Broad St. Columbus, Ohio 43205. (ph) 614-722-2450 
    • 4053 W. Dublin-Granville Rd. Dublin, Ohio 43017. (ph) 614-764-2262.
  • Matern Ohio. Dr. Paige Turner, MD.
  • Emerald OB/GYN. Dr. Genevieve Hagerty, MD. 

Family Practice and Internal Medicine

  • OhioHealth Physician Group - Bridge Street Dublin. Drs. Brian Boyle, MD, Joseph Carducci, MD, David Pelfrey, MD, Andrew Zheng, MD, and James Barr, MD. (Dr. Boyle is Dr. Beth’s brother)
  • Scioto Family Physicians. Drs. Robin Huston, MD, James Dunnan, MD, Karen Akasaka, DO, Jamie Que, MD, and Kristin Sun, MD.
  • OSU Internal Medicine & Pediatrics. Dr. Christopher Hanks, MD
  • Hilliard Family Medicine. Drs. Brad Efaw, MD, Leah Heinlen, MD, Joseph Jeu, MD, Michael Miller, MD, and Nicholas Watkins, MD.
  • OhioHealth Physician Group - Dublin Hospital Dr. Dr. Lakshmi Seshadri, MD.
  • OhioHealth Physician Group - Hilliard Scioto-Darby Rd. Dr. Ann Sage, DO.
  • MCMG Grove City Family Health. Drs. Greg Runser, MD. and Charles Baughman, MD.
  • Grant Family Medicine. Dr. Sarah Sams, MD


Eating Disorders

Lactation Services

  • Elizabeth Blackwell Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital.
    • 3635 Olentangy River Road. Columbus, Ohio 43214. (ph) 614-566-3434.
  • Dublin Methodist Hospital Lactation Services.
    • 7500 Hospital Drive. Dublin, Ohio 43016. (ph) 614-544-8002.
  • Children’s Hospital Lactation Services.
    • 700 Children’s Drive. Columbus, Ohio 43205. (ph) 614-722-5228. 

Pediatric Pain Specialist

Weight Management

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