Alternative Vaccine Schedules

Hilliard Pediatrics, Inc. - Dr. Tim Teller, MD


We know that you are hearing more on TV and radio and reading on the Internet and the newspaper about immunizations. This is a “hot topic” and receiving a lot of press. Please realize that a lot of the information that is presented is done so by people with some knowledge but not all the facts.

The Facts

Here are the facts, based on the latest scientific research:

  • The vaccines are incredibly safe.
  • There is no connection between autism and vaccines.
  • There is no mercury in any vaccine that we use except a tiny, not biologically-active amount in the flu shot that we use.
  • Giving shots that combine multiple vaccines into single shots are very safe and does not increase the side effects.
  • Giving multiple vaccines on the same day is incredibly safe.
  • Delaying recommended vaccines puts your child at risk for life-threatening illnesses or death. We follow a specific schedule for vaccines because the schedule best allows us to protect your children’s health.
  • When Doctor Sears states “Why not spread those vaccines out?” when referring to his Alternative Vaccine Schedule, the answer is because delaying these vaccines puts your child at risk for a life-threatening illness or death.
  • We have given thousands of children vaccines and have never had a child have a long-term negative effect from a vaccine.
  • We strongly encourage you to have your child receive the recommended vaccines on the recommended schedule.

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