Hope for a Healthy School Year

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As the 2021-2022 school year is starting, we would like to review what the American Academy of Pediatrics, the national organization of pediatricians, is recommending to keep kids healthy this school year. It is clear that in-person learning is best. We hope to keep the kids healthy and in-person. COVID-19 Vaccine: We recommend those 12 years of age and above be … Read More

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

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It’s one of the most dreaded signs to see hanging on the door of your child’s daycare room door – “There has been a case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in the classroom.”  Nooooo! Hand, Foot, and Mouth  (HFM) Disease is viral infection cause by a Coxsackie virus.  It is a very common childhood viral infection.  Typical symptoms include … Read More

Dr. Rob’s Interview with Sunny 95 about COVID and Back to School

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Dr. Rob talked with Stacy McCay and Dino Tripodis from the Sunny This Morning show on Sunny 95.  They discussed COVID-19, masks in school, and the Delta variant.  You can listen below or by visiting their website at https://sunny95.com/on-air/kids-covid-and-back-to-school/. Sunny 95 · Kids, COVID, and Back to School

Medication Refills

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Did you know that routine prescription refills can be submitted through our Patient Portal or the HEALOW app? This is an easy way to request a refill for your child’s medication when it is convenient for your schedule.  Below you will find instructions on how to request a refill using both the portal and the HEALOW app. As a reminder, … Read More

Please Celebrate Safely Around Fireworks This Independence Day!

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Fireworks and sparklers cause 1000s of injuries to children and teens every year in the United States. Small bottle rockets and sparklers cause many injuries despite their small size. Please follow local laws. Do not allow children to play with or light fireworks and sparklers. Older teens using fireworks should be supervised by adults and practice good safety guidelines (keep … Read More

Pediatricians in Cars: TGIS – Thank Goodness It’s Summer!

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The Ivy that Poisons Summer Fun

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The weather is nice now (most of the time) and we encourage kids to play outside. But there are some things to remember before heading for the great outdoors. First, don’t forget to use sunscreen and to avoid another rash we are seeing a lot of; remember, “Leaves of three, let it be.” The poison ivy plant often grows as … Read More

Swimmer’s Ear

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Swimmer’s ear is a common childhood infection where bacteria infect the skin or lining of the ear canal. It is most commonly seen after swimming, but can occur after long showers or getting the ears damp with baths. Swimmer’s ear is more common when the water is untreated (ocean, lakes, ponds). Often the outer ear will be tender when tugged … Read More

Water Safety

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Summer is here and the pools are open!  Let’s grab our swimsuits and sunscreen and go have some fun.  Cooling off on a hot summer day at the pool/lake is always great, but we must remember how to stay safe.  Here are a few reminders of how to keep kids safe near the water: Never leave children alone in or … Read More