Dr. Rob’s Interview About Keeping Your Family Safe in the Cold Weather

Hilliard PediatricsWinter

This morning Dr. Rob talked with Stacy McCay and Dino Tripodis from the Sunny This Morning show on Sunny 95.  They talked about important tips on how to keep your family safe with it’s FREEZING outside. You can listen below or by visiting their website at https://sunny95.com/on-air/keep-your-family-safe-in-the-cold-weather/.Sunny 95 ยท Keep Your Family Safe In The Cold Weather

Winter Exercise Activities

Beth Schloss, MDWinter

As the cold weather approaches, we all need to find ways to stay active.  Exercise has numerous physical and mental health benefits for the whole family.  Let’s put down our phones and turn off the TV and get moving as a family! See Dr. Beth’s list of winter exercise ideas for some ways to get fit and stay active! Family … Read More


Tim Teller, MDSpring, Winter

Croup is a viral illness that is common in children. Although it can occur year-round, we see quite a few cases in the community during late Winter and early Spring. Children with croup often have a distinctive cough that sounds like a barking seal. The cough is often worse at night. Croup can cause narrowing of a child’s airway near … Read More