Insect Bites, Tick Bites and Bee Stings OH MY!

Rob Snyder, MDSummer

Insect Bites: We are getting to that time of year when your children (who seem to attract mosquitoes) will get covered in bites.  Some of these can be dramatic, and we get many phone calls for reactions 2-4 inches in diameter.  Thankfully, these are almost never dangerous and resolve over 2-3 days.  We recommend symptomatic therapy such as Benadryl, cool … Read More


Hilliard PediatricsCOVID-19

Our physicians and staff are excited to begin vaccinating children 12 years and older with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We hope you enjoy our fun take on Baby Shark to encourage all kids to get vaccinated when they are eligible. Credit (and blame) for the idea and lyrics goes to Dr. Rob. Also a huge thanks to Dr. Tim for … Read More

COVID-19 Vaccine in Older Children

Rob Snyder, MDCOVID-19

As many of you may be aware, 12 to 15 year olds may soon be eligible to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. In this video, Dr. Rob reviews the reasons why our physicians recommend the vaccine. As always, please feel free to call with questions.

Pediatricians in Cars: Common Breathing Noises Kids Make with Dr. Tricia

Tricia Lucin, MDPediatricians in Cars